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Hotel Grand Ashok

Thanjavur in the state of Tamil Nadu is also noted for its exquisite handicrafts, bronze statue castings, pith temple models and South Indian musical instruments like the veena and mridangam.This also referred as the Art capital of South India" and most of time called by the name Tanjavur. Thanjavur thrived as the ancient capital of the Chola kingdom, later of Marathas and Nayaks. Thanjavur was at the height of its glory during the Chola period between the 10th and the 14th century and became a great centre of learning and culture. The important landmark in Thanjavur is the great Brahadeeswara Temple also known as the Big Temple, it was built by Raja Raja Chola - I. It is one of the most magnificent piece of South Indian temple architecture. Established in 1011 AD in celebration of victory of Chola kingdom that extended till Ceylon and some parts of the Malaya archipelago. Now it is a world heritage site.

Our innovative rooms feature contemporary amenities and facilities including complimentary   Wi-Fi, LED TVs with satellite channels, centralized air-conditioned and high speed WI-FI. We also feature 24 Hrs IRD and meeting/banquet facilities.